Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bloggers Opportunity for American Girl Doll Giveaway 3/1/16

Let's get spring started right bloggers! To help you attract new followers to your blog and reward those who visit often, I'm hosting an Addy American Girl Doll giveaway over at One Michigan Mom!

You can get in on the action and I'm also accepting 3 co-hosts.

If we get more than 30 bloggers, I'll add another great American Girl prize!

Blogger sign up ends 2/26 and go live date is 3/1. Only sign up if you can post by 3/1. I'll get the code over to bloggers on 2/28 (so you have 2/29 and 3/1 to get the code up.) To help us all, I'm asking that you promote this giveaway at least 3 times and on various social media outlets.

Now for the fun for you as well! Bloggers like to win too, right?

The blogger with the most unique entrants (users, not totals and we will limit IP addresses to help prevent some of the sweepstakes hogs who enter with multiple email addresses) as indicated in the "which blog are you on" easy entry, will receive a $10 gift card. My page is not eligible to win :)

Are you interested in helping to find Addy a new home? 

Sign up! I'll post when the co-host entries are filled. Also, please note I'm limiting the number of entries per "free" entry to help encourage entrants into those. I hate when I post and get few new followers as much as you do!

Announcement NOT Required 
(But very appreciated, tag @one michigan mom  on a FB post or twitter (@onemichiganmom ) directing bloggers here and I'll tag you on a post too) 
Co-Host $10 for  Links (5 links, back link to your blog, and entry host on your blog as well as a social media tag from me
Secret Word Pages $3
Email Sign up $3Extra Social Links $1 Limit 2
 Daily Comments, retweets , pins, Post Shares, available below $2 each, limit 3 

Any payment needed please send to as a friend/gift, Addy in the notes

Posting must go live on 3/1/16
US winner only
Bloggers open WW, but must have some following in the US. If you are international, indicate at the bottom your US following.

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