Monday, January 4, 2016

Bloggers, Do you Weebly? Want to make your own small business site? Yep, Weebly can do it.

Blogger friends, and, small business owners, do you weebly?

 Weebly has various options and as a blogger I'm using this opportunity to partner with them using affiliate links.

Did you know about the Weebly App Center?

The weebly app center is a way to find themes and more fun things for advancing your blog or small business website.. As a blogger, I'm always looking for new ways to expand my blogosphere reach. I have various of places I blog... from here on blogger to wordpress and content writing with Joomla-based businesses and beyond. One option that may be less known for some of us is the option to use Weebly as well.

Weebly for your small business

Weebly has integrative options if you have a small business as well.
As a small business owner, you can choose weebly as an easy way to create your own ecommerce site.
The easiest way to create a website for your business. Create your site at!
Weebly Pro for example has RESPONSIVE themes. Responsive means that it looks good whether your potential customer is on their computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. This is important because google uses "mobile ready' to help ensure that phone and tablet users are shown mobile-ready websites first. It says "mobile" on the search so that those on their phones know if they'll be able to see the site well.

Imagine you're a customer - you want to be able to see the site correctly, right? This is why responsive websites are important.

The easiest way to create a real estate website. Create your site at!
Drag and drop your product images, and you're ready to get started
When you're looking for options, consider weebly for your next (or just improved) website.

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