Saturday, January 2, 2016

Kindle E-books

Kindle, it is the way to ensure that you can make your 2016 Reading Challenge. 

WOW! 75% OFF Top Rated Kids Tablet - Catch it for under $50

 orbo kid tablet

Amazon has an awesome gold box deal on Orbo tablet for kids right now!
List Price:$199.99
With Deal:$49.95 Free Shipping for Prime Members 
You Save:$150.04 (75%)
In Stock.
Yes there are some Poor reviews but if you look at it, they're looking through adult's eyes.
Maybe because I'm fine with non-HD (if you don't upgrade you don't know, right?) and believe that sometimes less is more (4 gb is more than enough for a kiddo, my phone hardly has more than that! since it allows for a memory card to be added), that this is a great option for kids. It is kid tough, secure and 7'' touch screen. 

Product Description

Color: Pink

Kids can play and learn at the same time with this Android tablet, which features a child-proof design and age-appropriate apps: Orbo Jr. 7" Android 4.1 Multi Touch Kids Tablet 4GB w/ Gel Case - Pink Color: Pink.

The most tablet for the money.

This beautiful kids tablet from Orbo Jr. brings you the absolute most tablet you can get for this kind of money. It packs everything you can want from tablet into a fun, engaging package that fits inside your bag and even in larger pockets. Your kids will love the smooth feel and immediate response of the 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, which supports all touch-based interactions, including pinch-to-zoom and finger scrolling. Inside, Android 4.4 delivers fun, games, entertainment, education, communication, and productivity.
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

How to Find American Girl Doll Deals

Are you looking for ways to find discounts on American Girl Dolls? If so here are some tips and tricks.

First know that American Girl dolls are expensive. But, their knock offs (found at Target, Walmart and Toys R US) are not comparable when it comes to how their faces look and their ability to stand on their own. For a child under age 6 there is likely reason to go with the less expensive option, but for longevity consider buying a real American Girl doll for your child (or for yourself, yes adults also collect American Girl dolls). This post contains some affiliate links, which help to keep this site going!

Where to find deals on American Girl Dolls

  1. Navy Exchange (you need a DOD ID) 
  2. Costco, especially when they have their $100 in gift cards for $80. These are hard to come by and not all Costco stores carry them. The gift cards are good online or at the stores. If you couple the 20% off when you spend all $100 with online or instore deals, then you definitely score big!
  3. Jills Steals and Deals - These come only a few times a year and if you have other things to do, it isn't necessarily a deal - why? Because you may spend 4 hours trying to check out!
  4. Ebay - many used CURRENT dolls go for less than retail and either in excellent condition or easily fixable condition. For retired dolls these often are more expensive.
  5. Amazon - but usually only on accessories and the mini dolls. For example, the MaryEllen mini doll is for under $20 on Amazon right now and the Caroline one is currently $17.60, and these normally goes for $25 and shipping is expensive through AG site.
  6. BST sites via facebook. I trust Facebook a bit more than Craigslist, where, of course you can also find them. Meet in a public place, ask to see photos and only buy from people with profiles that "seem" legit.