Wednesday, January 14, 2015

5 Funky Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Wanted!

Amazon is great. Plenty of things to find in the world's biggest store, right? Well,  I was checking out various cloth diaper detergent options (not for me!) when I came across lovely "related" products and realized there are so many things I had no idea people wanted or NEEDed! (If you're looking for cloth diapers I do recommend checking out Mom's Milk Boutique.)

Yes, there are things that we buy as gag gifts, but sometimes I wonder, who actually wants these things? Anyone?

5 Funky Things that make Great Gag Gifts!

First up, we all have been told to wash our hands before we eat. But, what if the food is dirty? Um, or food like product for those whole food eaters.

Now keeping on the funky agenda, I had no idea there could be that many adult, make-up wearing Hello Kitty fanatics. but there are, So apparently they need make up that shows exactly how much they love the non-cat Kitty character.

There's something for everyone. There's someone for everyone. If that's the case, please find me the match for the person interested in actually wearing this. EVEN to an ugly sweater party!

So from the lovely Christmas ugly sweaters, there's costumes. And well, this guy's endowment. Um. Yeah.

(giving you a chance to close this window in case you're at work or around your kids...

Yeah, scroll down after viewing that Amazon affiliate link and see the other related options. OH MY.
Finally, there's kid's stuff. Most things we don't need for baby. A food source, some clothing and hugs is what they really NEED. But then there's everything else.
Disposable diapers for a doll. Yes, they had these for decades, but at some point, can't we all wake up and realize DOLLs do not need disposable diapers that are more expensive than HUMAN disposable diapers? REALLY people!

There are plenty of reusable doll diapers out there. Peace. Happy shopping!

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