Sunday, December 7, 2014

In-out-side-side-on! Retro toys make a come back - Make your childhood dreams come true

Don't tell me you haven't come across some favorite toy of your child's and thought about the demise of your old favorite toys! Well luckily many of our old favorite toys are available. Does that make it time for you to relive your childhood?

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First up, I know my uncle had the simon swipe and I remember hiding in the corner trying to play it - he must have been around 15 and I was around 5 or so!
List Price:$21.99
Price:$14.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members
You Save:$7.00 (32%)

Next up, is the Barbie Dream house. A friend had some cute barbies AND the corvette, but the dream house? 2D4!

Remember the special Santa Coca-Cola(TM) ads? Well there was also the Coke train. And, you can have one shipped to your house now! Awesome! Lionel Trains Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Train Set

Oh and the ultimate has to be the Pogo Ball. It appears to be a new name, but the fun is just waiting to happen. Well, once the snow melts if you're in the North!

And Skip it - Remember those? I remember my friend having one and I was SOOOO jealous! My oh my. I wonder if My daughter would love this now!

Here's another version, slightly cheaper.

Cats in the Cradle anyone?

What was the game? In, out, side, side on?
Lincoln Logs are available these days, but this off-brand is pretty inexpensive!

I know my cousin had these little green army men. They were everywhere! Now your nephew can do the same (ha, I recommend not having them for your own kiddos, at least not a gross (144) of them! Like this... for $7! Deal!
Oh and if you're getting all these Barbies - let us not forget about a $5 Ken doll!

What toy reminds you of childhood most?


  1. I was not aware of amazon having toys! Thank you for sharing this, I would need to take a more deeper look at amazon!

  2. Amazon has been selling toys for years now Trista and I've gotten some really great deals there for my kids. Thanks for these ones.

  3. Is it wrong that I want to buy some of these toys for myself instead of my kids?! I just might too!

  4. I just relived my entire childhood! These are just classic toys.

  5. I actually have Simon Swipe here at home and the boys love playing with it. They have a ball trying to mimic the color and sound sequences.

  6. Oh man the pogo ball sure does take me back, I was so good at it LOL :)

  7. We used to play Cats in the Cradle all the time. What a fantastic memory.

  8. WE do a lot of shopping on Amazon. I have never seen the Retro Toys on there... but then I never looked.

  9. This is such a great toy list. Some of them are brining back wonderful memories. I do most of my toy shopping on Amazon. They have everything at great prices.

  10. Barbie Dream house! Skip It!!! AAAhhhhh!!! Nostalgia sets in. Sigh those were the days. I get most of my things from Amazon. I didn't know they had old school toys, I am going to have to look for them. Didn't think they would actually have them. Awesome!

  11. Yes! Cat in the cradle was so fun to play. And Barbie Dream house?! My daughter wants that for Christmas. AMber N

  12. It is nice to bring back favorite toys form our childhood, I like Lionel Trains Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Train Set, looks like Amazon has everything.

    Fan R @TeddyOutReady