Sunday, April 20, 2014

Save 56% on Frozen Package!

Get Frozen DVD, Bluray AND digital for under $20! What a steal!

Now you can keep your bluray at home, DVD in the van and have the digital ready to play! If your little one can't get enough of the movie, now's the time to get 56% off this package!

Frozen is definitely one of the top movies for kids AND adults. The story line varies a bit from the general "princess" movie and it is one that kids love and parents enjoy too. Whether it is the song, the goofy snowman or just the love for animation, this movie is one that many are enjoying. We're one of the few who haven't purchased the movie... yet! Now that the deal is so great, I have it on the way for my family!

What's the deal for Frozen?

Buy Frozen DVD on sale for under $20 now!

Frozen on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy for under $20

What's your favorite song? Any parodies have you laughing?

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