Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Doing social good with Milaap

I am extremely happy to see a new way to do social good. Microloans are a way that those who don't have access to loans for starting a small business or the like can find financing. Here in India, "regular" people get loans at 10-15% interest usually. For those who cannot use a regular bank, often they'll have fees and interest that makes the loan almost impossible to pay off, as they will be 100% of the cost even!
Those in the US know that these types of loans (like pay day loans) are illegal, but in India they are not.

YOU can make a difference with Milaap

I recently joined a campaign to help more people see how they can make a difference. If you have some extra money to loan to someone and make a difference in their lives, check out Milaap.

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