Monday, January 27, 2014

Save money on fresh fruits and vegetables with co-ops

Many people dread the talk of the price of fresh fruits and vegetables. As it is, meal planning can save money, but often it means buying what is on sale, has a matching coupon, and so fresh fruits and vegetables are almost always out.

Save money on fresh fruits and vegetables 

Yes, you can save money on fresh fruits and vegetables. A few ideas include:

  • Watch for coupons. Many chains will offer coupons like Spend $5 in fresh produce and get $1 coupon for your next purchase. It isn't much but it is something!
  • Bananas usually have a "brown bag" selection for less than retail. These are still good for day of or definitely for making banana bread
  • Co-ops - while you generally cannot choose what you buy in advance, some local and nearly nation-wide co-ops are out there. One that is popular is Bountiful Baskets. BB appears to be in 23 states as of now. Wow! It has grown since we first participated when my almost 6 year old was a newborn!
  • Almost Rotten produce sales - often these aren't really rotten, but in Phoenix they have a market for producing "Saving" produce in bulk called Market on the Move.

Fresh fruit and vegetable diet

Even if you aren't doing a fresh fruit and vegetable diet, but instead just looking at local produce or at least, in-season produce, it is possible to save money through farmer's markets.

It is easiest to save money if you buy what is on sale and then do your meal planning.

A great resource for local fruits and vegetable CSAs and co-ops is

Now I'm not advocating for dumpster diving to save money, but you really can save money on fresh produce. It often means planning your meals around the deals, rather than the other way around.

Of course, if all else fails, frozen vegetables often go on sale and often have coupons making them quite inexpensive, even for organic.

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