Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Need VPN? Check out StrongVPN

For the past half year plus I've needed VPN to access a few things while abroad, as well as to keep some things I do less traceable. They allow you to change IP addresses if necessary and you can have an IP address from a country different from the one you currently are in.

What is VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network. It allows to have a different IP address. The privacy it offers gives some additional security if you're logged in from say a library or coffee shop that offers free internet.

Who do I use for VPN?

I've had great support from StrongVPN. They are quick to assist and both times I"ve had questions, the tech support person on their website has helped me within a minute.

Quick. Easy. Without issues.

Isn't that what you need from a VPN service? No issues, great service and a decent price.

Question? What do you need VPN for? Do you currently use it?

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