Thursday, December 22, 2011

DROOL! Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag Sale

Buy non-discounted Merino Kids items (consdiering buying with a friend, or two for your family) and save an additional 15% - enter code MK55BFCM

From Amazon:

* World's first merino baby sleep sack, made from luxuriously soft, allergy-safe natural New Zealand merino wool
* Use all-year-round for rooms 64°F to 75°F. Remarkable ability to regulate body temperature so baby won't overheat
* Innovative safety belt aperture makes it easy to transfer sleeping baby between car seat, stroller and bed

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* Replaces blankets. Baby can't slip underneath, nor wriggle out and wake uncovered and cold. Contoured bodice stays clear of face
* Award-winning design fits babies newborn to 2 years and toddlers 2 to 4 years. Quality workmanship gives years of wear

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